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Employee Law, Family Law, and Criminal Law

When do I file with the EEOC?

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors.  Initially, though, you need to find out whether the EEOC (which stands for Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) has jurisdiction.  The EEOC enforces workplace discrimination laws which prohibit...

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Depositions in Tennessee Family Law Cases

If you have never been involved with litigation, getting a notice of deposition can be an intimidating process. You will need to work closely with your attorney to properly prepare. What is a Deposition? Depositions are formal legal events in an informal setting. ...

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USPS and Federal Employees

Federal employees, including USPS employees, face discrimination in the workplace in the same way that other employees do.  However, the legal process for handling these claims is much different than handling other employees' claims. Unlike other employees, federal...

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How Does Mediation Work in a Family Case?

In family mediation, an independent, state-certified mediator helps both parties in a dispute work out an agreement about issues in the case. In the context of a Tennessee divorce case involving children, the items addressed will be: The Parenting Plan arrangements-...

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