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Churchwell v. City of Concord

Recent Firm Victory: The United States District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina denied a motion for summary judgment in an ADA case.  Plaintiff Jana Churchwell alleged that she was terminated due to her disability and was not provided a reasonable...

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Prenuptial Agreements in Tennessee

Prenuptial Agreements are contracts in which parties contemplating marriage enter into an agreement that will protect his or her assets or property in the event the parties later divorce. Tennessee law provides for prenuptial agreements ("antenuptial" or "prenup" as...

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Severance Agreements – What to Expect

In an average week, I often review as many as six (6) severance or similar agreements. The primary question that is posed during such consultations is: should I sign the agreement? That is not a question that I can answer because it is in not a legal question. It is a...

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Unlawful employment retaliation

As I have mentioned before, most states including North Carolina and Tennessee follow the legal doctrine of employment-at-will.  That doctrine holds that an employee can be terminated (fired) at any time for any reason with no legal liability for the employer.  An...

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The Parenting Plan in Tennessee

In 2001, the Tennessee legislature adopted the use of "Parenting Plans" in lieu of "custody."  Tennessee now uses a standardized Parenting Plan form which must be filed with any divorce with minor children, or with parenting matters if the parents were never married....

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Unlawful Employment Retaliation – FMLA

Retaliation against an employee is unlawful only if the employee has engaged in a protected activity. There is no one source for a complete list of protected activities.  However, it generally includes actions such as filing for or requesting workers' compensation...

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Testimony in Your Custody Trial

Custody mediation was unsuccessful. Now what? If you and your ex are unable to resolve custody via mediation, your case is referred back to court and a trial date will be set. The custody trial is your opportunity to show the Judge why you should be granted custody of...

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When do I file with the EEOC?

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors.  Initially, though, you need to find out whether the EEOC (which stands for Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) has jurisdiction.  The EEOC enforces workplace discrimination laws which prohibit...

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